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Global Parking Operations, Inc. (GPO) was founded in 2006 by Gill Plummer. We are a premier service provider geared towards providing not only valet services, but also doorman, concierge, porter, and baggage delivery services as well. We also offer garage management and consultation. Our specialization lies in high-rise condominiums, and corporate events in Texas.

Gill Plummer, the founder and president of GPO, was a member of the United States Marine Corps before he started the company, and he instilled the virtues he picked up while he was with the Marines to create an organization that was disciplined, meticulous, and service-oriented, but at the same time also warm, welcoming, and attentive to their client's needs. They are all highly trained not only in the field that they belong to, but also in situations that they may encounter given the unique locations that they are assigned to. GPO also makes sure of the client's safety by doing background checks on prospective employees before they hire them, and takes other stringent measures to ensure their clientele that their lives and their properties are safe in their hands. For example, all cars in GPOs custody have a $1,000,000 insurance policy courtesy of the company. Each site also has an experienced manager to look over the staff there and to answer any possible problems that may occur. Good management also ensures a quick response time when the need calls for it.

Our company motto is, "Where the first and last impressions are lasting impressions of greatness", because we believe that our employees, who are at the forefront at the locations they are assigned to, are the ones who will indelibly leave a mark in the minds of our clientele. Therefore, they work hard to make sure that our clients, and tour  client's clients, get the best service that we can offer. We ensure that all of our employees are professional, clean-cut, and work with customer service at the top of their minds. They all go through extensive training that is geared specifically for the venues that they will be assigned to. They pay particular attention to appearance, because they know that the way they look reflects the company and the customers that they work for, especially since they are the first ones the clientele will see. Our employees always serve with a smile. While they already have their own custom uniforms, they can also readily accommodate any attire should the client so chooses. Our employees are also very meticulous and highly adaptable in their jobs, because they are geared towards meeting the unique needs of each patron while ensuring that they provide the best customer service that is the mark of our company.

We follow a chain of command to ensure that daily operations will always run smoothly. There is a clear hierarchy so that everyone in the company knows who is responsible for what service. Accountability is the key to great customer care. A staff that is well-organized and well-managed will always know what their duties are and thus provide the best kind of service.

The discipline, attention to detail, excellence in service, and respect given by our employees to our clients represent the guiding principles that Plummer lived and breathed while serving in the US Marine Corps.

Global Parking Operations, Inc. has grown rapidly in the eleven years that it has been in business. We are planning on spreading our operations to Galveston, Austin, and Atlanta.

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