Benefits/Advantages of selecting GPO

Global Parking Operations has a clear edge over the other valet and hospitality services in Texas. That is because:

  1. We have great customer service. As a company offering hospitality services, we recognize the fact that we, as the valet, concierge, doormen, and porters, are the ones who create the first and last impressions of our client's customers. That is why all of our employees are thoroughly trained to handle any situation that can possibly occur, as well as being taught to always be friendly and welcoming to customers. We also instill in them excellence in service, respect, and attention to service to make sure that our clientele will arrive happy and leave happy.
  2. We ensure our customers safety. Aside from rigorous training, we take background checks of our employees so we can be sure that our customers are in good hands. We also do other checks to see to it that our clients and their properties are risk-free. For example, all of our valets are licensed drivers, and they are all required to undergo polygraph tests in cases of accidents or thefts. We are proud of being incident-free from the time GPO started.
  3. We take pride in our appearance. Our staff members are all clean-cut and maintain a professional appearance. All employees are required to wear their GPO uniforms consisting of red neckties, black slacks, and custom name badges; however, their attire can also be changed according to the client's request or the location's requirements.
  4. We have good communication lines. We have an open communication system with our employees. That way, we make sure that there are no misunderstandings that may be detrimental to our clients. In cases where our employees work apart but need to coordinate with each other, we provide two-way radios so they can keep in contact at all times.
  5. We have on-site management. We always assign professor managers who are well-experienced and highly trained in all of the locations that we are assigned in. That way, we would be able to handle all of the customer's needs and be on the spot should any problems arise.
  6. Technology is on our side. We use top-of-the-line technological equipment to keep track of our clients and their properties, be in constant communication with each other, and to keep our operations running smoothly. That way, we are aware at all times of the happenings in our locations.
  7. Security is important to us. All of our customers vehicles in our custody are covered by $1,000,000 policy provided by the company itself. Our key boxes are made by professional carpenters and secured with locks.
  8. We are on call 24/7. Should any client wish to contact us, we have customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  9. Our prices are competitive. We charge competitive prices for events or permanent locations that our employees will be assigned to. Furthermore, all transactions are handled by account managers to ensure our clients satisfaction of our services.

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